‘Horse Tales Literacy Project’ Has Changed Hands And Is Now ‘Wild Horse Tales’

We look forward to your support of Wild Horse Tales and our efforts to bring quality literacy programs to your students and family.

Wild Horse Rescue Center

As of August 1, 2015, Wild Horse Tales programs are open to all states and those entities wishing to add a literacy program to their operation.

Contact us for more information regarding these and other future changes.

Cass Ole as seen in the film the Black Stallion

People Magazine 1980s Archive: Superhorse Cass Ole Starred as The Black Stallion

Check out this article from People Magazine (March 03, 1980, Vol. 13, No. 9) that  shows what a magical connection there is between horses and people!

“While the movie was shooting, Franny Cuello was in a four-week coma. The most exciting stallion in movies is suddenly equine rather than Italian for the first time since 1976. The new stud, of course, is the hero of producer Francis Coppola’s The Black Stallion, a purebred Arabian from Texas named Cass Ole. In the lovely adaptation of Walter Farley’s children’s classic, the horse saves the life of co-star Kelly Reno, rearing dramatically in the boy’s imagination as a vision of power and beauty. Cass Ole has played a strikingly similar role in a life-and-death struggle waged by his owner, Francesca “Franny” Cuello, 19, who credits her recovery from near-fatal head injuries to her love for Ole.”

To read the article click here.